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At Study Sharpe we help organisations recognise the importance and benefit of embracing the Equality Act in their business operations. Our core focus is on helping businesses create an inclusive community internally and externally.

We do this by offering a range of tailored deaf awareness training courses and support services which are designed to help employees understand how to communicate more effectively with d/Deaf people.

Our courses are designed for employees who work in sectors that come in to contact socially or commercially with deaf people for example: Healthcare, Recruitment, Construction, Public Services, Education, Institutions or Hospitality.

We offer valuable steps to becoming a communication professional by reducing barriers and difficulties that occur when there is interaction between hearing and deaf people.

Our courses require no previous knowledge or experience to benefit and are openly available to any organisations or individuals wishing to learn about Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language (BSL).

There are 12 million people with hearing loss across the UK, that’s around one in six of us.

An estimated 900,000 people in the UK have severe or profound hearing loss.

By 2035, we estimate there’ll be around 14.2 million people with hearing loss across the UK.

deaf awareness training UK

Deaf awareness Training services

Bespoke Deaf Awareness Training for businesses

Specific and tailored training courses in all sectors, including:

  • Healthcare

  • Recruitment

  • Construction

  • Public Services

  • Education

  • Institutions

  • Hospitality

  • Sports Clubs

  • Leisure Facilities

Targeted and focused training for key workers

Individual/personal and family support

1:1 pre level 1 and Level 1 BSL tutorial support

Fully supported online teaching and remote learning courses for teams and individuals

Supported learning via:
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What our clients say

"Em was my tutor when I studied BSL at college. From the first time I met her I realised that I would enjoy her lessons! Her knowledge and understanding of the deaf community is extensive. She has a passion which you can't help but feel yourself! She instilled a confidence and belief in me that I could achieve the results required and supported and encouraged throughout the course."
Christina Raby
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"Em was my tutor when I studied BSL at college. From the first time I met her I realised that I would enjoy her lessons! Her knowledge and understanding of the deaf community is extensive. She has a passion which you can't help but feel yourself! She instilled a confidence and belief in me that I could achieve the results required and supported and encouraged throughout the course."
Christina Raby
"Emm Sharpe brings all the qualities you would expect of a specialist to every sessions she provides. Beyond this, Emm is so giving of her time with those she teaches ensuring they get all the support they need in and out of taught sessions. Emm’s enthusiasm for her subject reflects in her teaching and training and I feel privileged to have had the support and expertise from Emm for both myself and others over the last 10 years. "
John-Paul Anderson – Vision Impairment Trainer & Coordinator
"Emm has been very involved with North Somerset’s Deaf Awareness week for many years, she has planned and produced events together with other agencies and the Deaf community. Emm has supported people from the Deaf community to provide Deaf Awareness and story time to local schools in the area. Both teachers and pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions while learning about Deaf awareness and the basics of BSL. Emm has also worked with some people from the Deaf community to provide BSL/Deaf awareness ‘Taster’ sessions to both the public, council and health staff."
Liz Watkins - Social Worker with Deaf People and Single Point Access Team People and Communities
“I know Emm from our work together in preparation for and during Deaf Awareness Week, North Somerset and in her role at Weston College. Emm is highly enthusiastic, dedicated and reliable. She goes out of her way to help and support the local Deaf community and educate others on BSL and Deaf culture. She is approachable, welcoming and kind. I have an ongoing great working and personal relationship with her.”
Emma Holden - Communicator Guide and Intervenor Registered Manager
"I have known Emm Sharpe for approximately two years in my role at Vision North Somerset as an Equipment Officer for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She is always spoken about with high regard among the members of the deaf community that I have met. I have always found her to be extremely supportive and very knowledgeable and always keen to enhance peoples understanding of how to ensure inclusion."
Dave Raby - Equipment Officer
“Emm Sharpe has been teaching Introduction to British Sign Language for Community Learning Service at North Somerset Council every term since November 2017. Emm delivers a great course for our beginners, who learn how to have an initial ‘getting to know you’ conversation using BSL and gain insight and awareness of what it’s like to be deaf or hard of hearing. I have high expectations of the quality of the course and promote it accordingly – as Emm always delivers. Emm creates an environment that is safe, welcoming and inclusive. Emm teaches BSL using methods that helps the knowledge ‘stick’. She keeps up a good pace of delivery that challenges individuals to participate and learn, whilst demonstrating kindness and patience to those who need a bit more support. ”
Julie Evans - Community Learning Development Worker Learning and Development, Corporate Services
“I found Emm a very good and supportive teacher when delivering both introductory BSL courses for colleagues and Level 1 BSL which I personally undertook. She has a very good awareness and understanding of Deaf culture and language. She encourages students at every turn with her enthusiasm and depth of knowledge. Through my work around accessibility and disabled people I am aware of her work to champion the needs of Deaf people wherever possible. I would encourage anyone interested in learning BSL to contact Emm and sign up for one of her courses.”
Anthony Rylands – Access Officer for Disabled People Corporate Service Directorate in Somerset
"Some years ago, I wanted to make it possible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to access our services but I didn't know where to start. I attended one of Emm's courses, and as well as learning basic BSL, I also learnt a lot about the Deaf community and Deaf awareness, which has stood me in good stead. I also work with Emm and other partners on the North Somerset Deaf Awareness Week each May, and at the monthly Communication Cafe where hearing people meet the Deaf community and have a chance to practise our BSL. Having known Emm now for many years, I find her helpful and caring, as well as knowledgeable and professional."
Bridie Collier - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Campaigner
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Emm for the comprehensive short course on British Sign Language she held for my colleagues and I in 2019. This was a five week course covering all the basics of sign language that we had agreed previously to help us support hearing impaired residents within our service. I would not hesitate to recommend Study Sharpe in this respect or hesitate to use Study Sharpe in the future."
Tracey Macdonald - Extra Care Team Manager

There are 50,000 children with hearing loss in the UK. Around half are born with hearing loss while the other half lose their hearing during childhood.

More than 40% of people over 50 years old have hearing loss, rising to 70% of people over the age of 70.

We estimate that there are at least 24,000 people across the UK who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their main language (although there are likely to be more that we don’t know about).

deaf awareness training UK


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35% of business leaders surveyed in a YouGov poll don’t feel confident about employing a person with hearing loss.

Hearing loss can lead to withdrawal from social situations, emotional distress, and depression. Research shows that it increases the risk of loneliness, but only for those who don’t wear hearing aids.

70% of people with hearing loss who responded to a survey said that hearing loss sometimes prevented them from fulfilling their potential at work.

deaf awareness training UK