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Deaf Awareness BSL Training for the Avon & Somerset Constabulary

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Avon & Somerset Constabulary | Case Study

Deaf people often have difficulty being understood when dealing with police officers who do not have training in supporting the Deaf Community.

Being able to communicate with people who are Deaf or hard of hearing is an important part of serving the communities that the Police operate in. Our training helps police officers learn how to communicate with the deaf community in an effective way so that they can serve and protect them.

We offer BSL Deaf awareness training for Police forces across the UK, which has helped them improve their communication skills and reduce discrimination towards disabled people. By learning British Sign Language (BSL) you'll gain greater empathy towards your local communities and build trust with those around you - helping to create a safer society for everyone. Our courses are also suitable for anyone who wants to learn BSL as well as any other professionals involved in working with members of vulnerable groups such as social workers, teachers etc. who may need it on a day-to-day basis.

Below is the outline of a course we delivered to the Avon & Somerset Constabulary including:

  • Course Aims
  • What we delivered
  • Theory based topics
  • Deaf Culture
  • BSL basics
  • Course benefits
  • Testimonials

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Course Aims for BSL Deaf Awareness Training

Our course aims to provide Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language (BSL) basics to support positive engagement with the local Deaf Community and to members of the public who are deaf.

We provided Deaf Awareness training which incorporated Basic BSL phrases and vocabulary to enable front line beat officers to communicate more easily and with more confidence with both deaf BSL users and deaf members of the public.

What We Delivered

A 12 - week remote course delivered to front line beat officers (PCSO’s & Neighbourhood officers).

What Did the Course Cover?

This course covered the following topics (this list is not exhaustive and may vary according to service need):

Deaf Awareness Theory based topics

  • Understand the role of BSL
  • Types of deafness and relevant statistics
  • Working with interpreters

Deaf Culture

  • Cochlear Implants and other assistive technology
  • Lipreading
  • Appropriate deaf Attention gain strategies
  • Deaf cultural norms and values

BSL British Sign Language Basics

  • Meet and Greet phrases
  • Emergency phrases
  • Numbers (related to money/dates/age)
  • Time
  • Ethnicity & Sexuality signs

How will BSL Deaf Awareness Training Benefit You?

  • A more confident team of frontline/first response officers within the force that are confident in assisting, communicating, and reassuring and thereby building invaluable rapport with deaf people who may or may not use BSL that they come in to contact with.
  • Officers who have a deeper understanding of audism and the discrimination faced by deaf people every day with zero tolerance towards any such discrimination found within the local community.
  • Officers who can interpret communication behaviours of BSL users as non-threatening.
  • Effective personal development of individual officers by identifying this course as part of up-skilling within their CPD.
  • Forging stronger trusted links with local primary school for deaf children.
  • Improved experience of the local Deaf Community during interactions with the police.

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Written by:
Emm Sharpe

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Case Study
Deaf Awareness BSL Training for the Avon & Somerset Constabulary