Study Sharpe Deaf Awareness Training Joins Includability as an Ambassador for 2022/23


Includability Ambassador for 2022/23

Includability and Study Sharpe Deaf Awareness Training

We are so pleased to be collaborating with Includability, the home of Inclusive Employers as an Ambassador for 2022/23. We are really proud to have been asked to become an Ambassador for Includability and I am so excited to share this honour with some truly awesome people who are also Ambassadors in the world of Diversity and Inclusion who are working to make the workplace a more accessible place for everyone.

We will be presenting a segment for one of the forthcoming ESGs which will be an exciting opportunity to talk about Deaf awareness training and the importance of ensuring that we offer an inclusive workplace for all.

Upcoming ESG are free to attend and all are welcome details can be found here. ESG details

What is Includability?

Includability is the standard for companies committed towards creating an inclusive and mentally healthy workplace culture. Focusing upon Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Talent Management, and Leadership and Governance, our in-depth and engaging verification process is led by Verification Partners who are expert consultants within their field.

This process is designed to celebrate all the amazing things you are currently doing across your business whilst helping identify the areas where you need the most support. No matter where you are on your journey as an organisation, there is no need for fear – they focus on progression not perfection and you will have a support network around you like no other.

What is an Includability Ambassador?

The spectacular community of Includability ambassadors share their knowledge across a variety of topics. They are there to guide you. The Ambassadors are individuals that are committed to engaging, collaborating and inspiring the Includability community, with the aim of striving for a more inclusive culture.

There are over 50 Ambassadors who are experts across a range of ares from Disabilities to Sustainability.

You can find out more click here

Why join Includability?

If you are a company that is committed to creating an inclusive, sustainable and mentally healthy workplace culture, we do understand the potential challenges that you may come up against.

No organisation too big or small

Often it is the responsibility of just one person or a small team to devise, implement and deliver the D&I, Sustainability, Wellbeing or Mental Health strategies across an entire business. By becoming part of Includability, our Verification Partners can help to understand where you are currently on your journey and where your future ambitions lie.

We can also introduce you to like-minded people who will help share best practice and provide support whilst our monthly Employer Support Groups (ESG’s) will help build the knowledge to empower your employees.

A standard designed for you

Becoming an Includability Committed Employer is something that is earned - it certainly isn’t a box ticking exercise. There is a process to go through, but please rest assured that we will be here to support you all the way.

It doesn’t matter if you are at the very start of your journey and seeking inspiration and guidance, or if your organisation is on its way to having a workplace culture you can be proud of.

It's not about perfection

Includability is a community where we actively champion collaboration and traditional competitors work in harmony – it’s where we can truly make meaningful progress.

We want also to celebrate the great work you do – it’s your stories that can help inspire organisations on their journey. Where you need support and are unsure where to start, then our community of incredible people are here to offer their help.

Immediate value

Proudly displaying the Includability Committed Employer logo should bring a level of accountability to your company and a degree of reassurance to your employees and future employees that you are a company committed to doing the right thing.  

If you are in for the quick win, then Includability won’t be right for you. If you’re an organisation that cares and wants to make a difference, then we most certainly are. And we are here to support you all the way.

What's Next

At Study Sharpe we are proud to be associated with Includability and are looking forward to developing relationships to help improve the understanding of Deaf Awareness in the workplace. If you are interested in how Includability can help your organisation and would like to become a committed employer like Ella's Kitchen, Best Energy, Chelsea FC, B-Lab, Mencap and B1G1 then you can find out more here. Includability Benefits

Written by:
Emm Sharpe

Study Sharpe offers a collection of custom corporate, business and one to one deaf awareness courses and training. Our BSL sign language training courses are available online and offer a tailored courses to teach employees how to deal more effectively with D/deaf people.

Our courses are designed for employees who work in sectors that come in to contact socially or commercially with deaf people for example: Healthcare, Recruitment, Construction, Public Services, Education, Institutions or Hospitality.

Find out how we can help your business become more inclusive and remove barriers both internally and externally with their Fully supported online teaching and remote learning courses for teams and individuals.

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Includability Ambassador for 2022/23
Accessibility of businesses to Deaf customers during covid-19
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