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Welcome to Keeping Careers Real With Ali - a show which brings you stories of ordinary people's extraordinary career journeys. The warts and all successes, disappointments, highs and lows that have brought people to where they are today in their work-lives...

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About this episode

The podcast is hosted by Ali Whelan and features Emm Sharpe.

Emm has been teaching in some form or another most of working her life but found she found her true vocation when she did her BSc Deaf Studies at Bristol Uni and then later a Post Grad Certificate in Education to enable her to teach British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Awareness to adults within post 16 education.

Emm now provides bespoke courses around Deaf Culture and Deaf Arts and recently, her business achieved 'Centre status' and can now offer Signature, the largest awarding body for BSL qualifications, accredited BSL courses to the general public as part of our services.

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Written by:
Emm Sharpe

Study Sharpe offers a collection of custom corporate, business and one to one deaf awareness courses and training. Our BSL sign language training courses are available online and offer a tailored courses to teach employees how to deal more effectively with D/deaf people.

Our courses are designed for employees who work in sectors that come in to contact socially or commercially with deaf people for example: Healthcare, Recruitment, Construction, Public Services, Education, Institutions or Hospitality.

Find out how we can help your business become more inclusive and remove barriers both internally and externally with their Fully supported online teaching and remote learning courses for teams and individuals.

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