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Word of Mouth Really Matters

Word of Mouth Really Matters

Welcome to our new website for Studysharpe. Emm Sharpe has been a freelance tutor/trainer teaching D/deaf and hearing people in various ventures and organisations since the early 90’s.

We have been extremely humbled and grateful to have gained our new business to date by word of mouth from different colleagues and business associates over the years and we believe that this  really is an essential part of developing a solid, reputable foundation for any new business venture.

We are proud of all our achievements to date and are now wanting to expand the business further and are ready for this exciting new chapter.

What do we offer?

A first-class professional service to local and national business to support you to meet the Equality Act obligations in terms of providing equal opportunities to both Deaf and hearing employees/clients and/or customers.

We want to support you to ensure you are open to welcoming Deaf employees to your organisation, offering them the same working experience and opportunities as their hearing colleagues.

How do we do this?

By creating informal, fun, interactive Deaf Awareness training courses that are individually adapted to meet the needs of your business, irrespective of your business size.  We can tailor the ‘best fit’ that suits your staff’s working patterns and time constraints.

We offer short intensive half day or full day courses or longer 6 – 10-week courses depending on your requirements. Even if you are not sure what your ‘best fit’ might be, we can support you to find the best training package for your business.

What is included in our training packages?

  • The tools to become a Deaf Aware business and to fully embrace the meaning of the term
  • The basics of BSL to allow participants to hold a basic conversation
  • Understanding the technology available to support Deaf employees when they start work with you
  • Understanding the mechanisms available to help support Deaf employees to carry out their job (Access to Work etc)
  • Breaking down the myths surrounding Deaf people and the Deaf Community
  • Recognising the different types of deafness
  • How to work effectively with Interpreters
  • Looking at the differences between Deaf and hearing culture to gain a thorough understanding of the Deaf Community.

Our promise to you.

To remain:

  • Professional
  • Competitive
  • Courteous
  • Approachable
  • Easily contactable
Contact us for more information on our bespoke Deaf Awareness courses and training packages.

Tel: 07746 060 547

Email: emm@studysharpe.co.uk

Written by:
Emm Sharpe

Study Sharpe offers a collection of custom corporate, business and one to one deaf awareness courses and training. Our BSL sign language training courses are available online and offer a tailored courses to teach employees how to deal more effectively with D/deaf people.

Our courses are designed for employees who work in sectors that come in to contact socially or commercially with deaf people for example: Healthcare, Recruitment, Construction, Public Services, Education, Institutions or Hospitality.

Find out how we can help your business become more inclusive and remove barriers both internally and externally with their Fully supported online teaching and remote learning courses for teams and individuals.

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Word of Mouth Really Matters
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