Study Sharpe now offers Signature accredited BSL Level 1 deaf awareness courses for businesses


Study Sharpe now offers Signature accredited deaf awareness courses

Signature BSL Level 1 accredited deaf awareness courses

Study Sharpe are proud to announce that we have now become an approved teaching centre to deliver Signature’s deaf communication qualifications in the UK. What this means for Study Sharpe is that we can now offer fully accredited Signature approved courses in BSL. Below is some frequently asked questions about Signature and how important it is to choose an accredited course.

Who are Signature?

Signature is a national charity and are also the leading awarding body for deaf communication qualifications in the UK.  They have been awarding British Sign Language (BSL) qualifications for the last 40 years and have supported more than 450,000 people to learn BSL.

What is a Signature accredited BSL level 1 course?

A Signature accredited course is a course that is certified and authentic in entity.  Signature’s qualifications are nationally recognised and regulated by Ofqual (the office of the qualifications and Examination’s regulator). This means that these qualifications reliably indicate the knowledge, skills and understanding needed by learners and that they have demonstrated through the assessment process what has been achieved.  This gives potential learners the confidence in the qualifications undertaken. 

How does becoming a BSL Signature approved centre work? 

To become a Signature approved centre and to deliver Signature qualifications, potential centres must undergo a strict, formal approval process.  Each potential centre teacher that applies, must be able to demonstrate to Signature that they hold relevant teaching qualifications, professional experience in the subject they wish to teach and the relevant BSL qualifications to a higher level than that which they wish to deliver. Other specialist higher level qualifications in teaching practice are also highly recommended and desirable.

Signature regulate their qualifications and this formal approval process maintains this ethos.

Approved Centre’s processes during assessments are regularly checked for Quality Assurance purposes, to ensure that centres are adhering to all Signature Assessment guidelines, and that no learners are treated less favourably than others during the process. This ultimately means that every learner’s experience is of the highest quality.

Why choose a Signature approved course?

The learner is at the heart of all we do here at Study Sharpe.

All learners undertaking a Signature qualification with us will be guaranteeing they will not only receive teaching expertise that is endorsed by Signature, but they will also gain a qualification that will be recognised by employers and industries alike.

Last but by no means least and perhaps the most important reason for undertaking Signature qualifications with us, is that you will be able to join the growing number of people in the UK who can communicate with a deaf BSL user.   Through our courses, you will become more Deaf Aware in the process, understand more about the Deaf Community and their rich heritage and Culture, thereby raising awareness to other people and sharing the benefits to all of learning BSL. 

So why not start your exciting BSL journey with us today?

BSL level 1 Deaf awareness training with face to face and online courses in the UK

As a business giving your employees the confidence and skills to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing colleagues, customers or clients is vital.

If you are in the hospitality or healthcare sectors find out more about our new BSL101 courses.

We have seen the confidence that DEAF AWARENESS TRAINING often gives employees, especially those who are working in customer service facing jobs.

Through expert DEAF AWARENESS TRAINING utilising fun, interactive, anecdotal and thought-provoking content, removes barriers faced by deaf people and gives a feeling of confidence when communicating with those that have hearing loss that will have long lasting benefits for your business.

Contact us for more information on our bespoke Deaf Awareness courses and training packages.

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Written by:
Emm Sharpe

Study Sharpe offers a collection of custom corporate, business and one to one deaf awareness courses and training. Our BSL sign language training courses are available online and offer a tailored courses to teach employees how to deal more effectively with D/deaf people.

Our courses are designed for employees who work in sectors that come in to contact socially or commercially with deaf people for example: Healthcare, Recruitment, Construction, Public Services, Education, Institutions or Hospitality.

Find out how we can help your business become more inclusive and remove barriers both internally and externally with their Fully supported online teaching and remote learning courses for teams and individuals.

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